Truth That Liberates

Jesus surprised the Jews who believed in him when he told them that if they remained in a state of growth and expectancy regarding the truth, it would liberate them. That statement is still alive and active today. The truth of Jesus’ word sets us free from oppression, confinement and foreign control. The power factor of that liberation, is trust.

Peter and Paul spoke of “obeying the truth” through the vicarious phenomenon of English translation. The original Greek language expands that meaning to “being persuaded and convinced to trust, and obey by assurance.”

If we could remove the western mindset that obedience is a control mechanism that triggers resistance, breakthroughs into greater spiritual freedom could be more frequent and even instantaneous.

What should be the basis of obedience? . . . Faith, faith that sees beyond circumstances and experiences to a completed and perfect work accomplished in us. The truth of God is alive and activated by the Spirit so it can be written on our hearts. It shows us the difference between soul and spirit, helps discern marginal opinions from well thought out conclusions and reveals every hidden thing of the heart.

Truth that liberates is fruit from staying filled with truth and spirit.

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