The Medication of Joy

We all need reminders. Why? The most glaring reason is our limitations. We simply cannot remember everything all the time. So, the alternative is to rely heavily on the source of our super-powers, the Holy Spirit. It knows everything, everywhere, and in every situation has all wisdom and understanding.

Here’s a reminder from the book of Proverbs. It’s mentioned twice (15:13, 17:22) with slight variation. The Amplified version captures a good sized picture of the original Hebrew. “A glad heart makes a cheerful countenance” and “A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing.”

A happy heart or cheerful mind is something one either needs, possesses or is in progress of obtaining. The countenance is often a clear indicator of which is the case if we are face reading. Our spirit can be seen in our faces. We can shift the atmosphere in any room or change the day of any person we encounter for the good, the bad or the ugly by the spirit we possess.

The reminder is this, bring joy into your atmosphere. Do it intentionally, faith yourself to laugh if you must. It isn’t phony or contrived as it may appear. It’s making a choice to be joyful with gratefulness. Do it by the Spirit of God. Spend time with him and in his word; truth and spirit.

Then give it away. Making someone happy or making them laugh is a multiplied blessing. It seems to increase what we possess. A happy heart, a joyful mind and a cheerful face is good medicine and works healing. It’s worth giving in lavish doses.

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