Never Give Up

Keep trusting in the Lord and do what is right in his eyes.
Fix your heart on the promises of God and you will be secure,
Feasting on his faithfulness. [Psalm 37:3, The Passion Translation]

Decades ago, I was given a calling. As a result of not capitalizing on opportunities given me and misunderstanding what decisions I should have made, that calling hasn’t come to fruition. After several “dark nights of the soul,” I’m at peace with having missed the mark. I didn’t have what he needed when he needed it. In the process of analysis, I purposed to not let that happen again.

In some cases, called ones must move to the position of chosen ones for fulfillment to happen. It’s not a rejection issue, it’s a qualification issue. Accept it and move on. Let God be King, he makes the choices from those who have endeavored to show themselves approved.

The point now is not to let those missed ingredients simmer in a stew of regret. A life of fruitfulness starts at the beginning of each new day. And there are enough hurting and lost people on the planet that we will never have to be concerned about being out of a job or being bored.  We have every reason to hope for a satisfying life for the duration we have on this planet because our identity isn’t wrapped around what we could have been.

Hope takes root and grows in the fertile soil of verses like this one. Apart from what we do, Papa knows us for who we are and our identity is validated by what the word declares about us. The lion’s share of that identity comes alive the more we believe that truth. Truth never changes. What we believe about truth changes constantly. When what we believe is in greater alignment with truth, we live with greater faith and hope.

At the head of this verse is the phrase “keep trusting in the Lord.” In other words, never give up. When our commitment to develop our potential fails, when character doesn’t rise to the cost of our opportunities, when it seems like our lives should look different than what it does, it’s time to look at Papa’s faithfulness.

He will never leave us or forsake us. Even when we are faithless, he is faithful. We were purchased for his redemptive purposes at the cross. We belong to him. And his redemptive handiwork in us does not stop. Are we persuaded that what we have we have committed to him, he is faithful to complete?

All of us are being transformed to be like him from one degree of glory to another so that the life of Yeshua will be made visible through us. It’s our legacy if we embrace it and our inheritance for eternity if we have a will to remain in pursuit of it.

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