Greater Works

Trust in the LORD, and do good;
Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness [Psalm 37:3, NKJV]

Trust is an active growth toward unshakable confidence. The foundation stone for that trust is the wide-ranging conviction that God always loves us and is always good in his dealings with us. From that position we live engaged with the Spirit of God in every moment of the day, supernaturally empowered to change the world around us with his love and goodness.

Trust and faith has a substance in hope. The Greek word for substance carries the weight of holding the title deed for something that is our possession. We are given a guarantee for that possession with the deposit of the Holy Spirit inside of us. The Kingdom of Heaven is the possession made available to us, and Jesus said the Father takes great pleasure in giving us that Kingdom. Our commission is to extend that Kingdom to all parts of our influence through great works; that is, signs and wonders.

Jesus didn’t die on the cross so we would be church-goers. He said that we, who believe, trust and have confidence in Jesus, will do greater works than he did. That’s powerful stuff to be entrusted with! And if our confidence isn’t in place for the greater things, we settle for less. And a message with less impact. For some if not most, being members of Yeshua’s body means getting out of the four walls of the church and our home and into the streets, the market place, the arts, the education system, family involvement, government and other facets of community to be an active representation of his Kingdom.

In Acts 28, it says Paul preached and taught the kingdom of God and the things concerning Jesus with all confidence. It adds that no one resisted him. Not everyone is called to teach and preach. But we are all called to do good things; prosperous things, satisfying and worthwhile things, things of kindness and compassion, things that have a good, positive quality or value, things that make a difference.

We live in a world that is almost desperate to silence strong convictions and prevent heaven inspired spiritual manifestations. Passion and zeal for Jesus and the things of the Kingdom is not appreciated behavior even in some churches. It takes courageous convictions to keep, guard, protect and cherish a culture of good works and a lifestyle that speaks powerfully. Be joyful and courageous, Jesus triumphantly overpowered the world and anyone who is born of God has conquered the world also.

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