Forget About It

Commit your way unto the Lord, trust also in him, and he will bring it to pass. [Psalm 37:5, NKJV]

Commit defined by English standards means to pledge, obligate or devote one’s self. It would be likened to a commitment to marriage. And it is the putting of trust or charge into safekeeping what needs to be performed by someone else. Any of these aspect necessitates trust, action and vulnerability.

That can be scary for someone who needs to be in control. And in a free will relationship, the freedom is given to withdraw that commitment. That’s a major factor in any dissociation. Trust and fear issues reduce the effectiveness of its trustworthiness.

The Hebraic picture takes the trust factor to a higher level. The picture is that of an object or mass being rolled off or away to where it can no longer be seen. In the voice of this verse, whatever is committed to another is done earnestly and eagerly by the principle person. And then, put that thing or that way out of mind; forget about it.

In this passage the word derek, is in reference to our way, our path, our journey (our destination and planned route), our conduct (our behavior, including habits), and our strength (vigor, power and might relative to our walk). All of that is to be committed in trust to the Lord for safekeeping. That’s a lot.

But if we are to hear the words of Peter when he said to cast all of our cares (worry, anxiety, concern) on the Lord, because he cares (takes interest in, regards, likes) for us, we need to deal with the trust factors that may be preventing our commitment to that being successfully accomplished.

I like The Passion Translation of this verse. “Give God the right to direct your life, and as you trust him along the way, you’ll find he pulled it off perfectly!”

How else would he do it?

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