Our Vindication

He will make your vindication shine like the light, and the justice of your cause like the noonday. [Psalm 37:6, NRSV]

Following Jesus will at some point require actions and decisions that won’t synchronize with popular thought or opinion as we press forward in our pursuit of the Kingdom. It’s a test of the fear of man and the fears in our hearts that each one of us should face as believers at least once in our lifetime. More often than not, as we gain the wisdom of heaven, it will be counter to the wisdom of man and reveal the issues preventing obedience to his voice.

It affords us the opportunities of trusting Papa for vindication, facing our fears, learning to field criticism with love, honor and dignity and facing other assorted issues that deepen our maturity.

For the sake of clarity, what I am not saying is that we should be given to careless independence and doing what we please. That’s an entirely different heart.

What I am saying is, is we can be faced with direction from the Spirit and even scripture that rings inside as truth and right action, but seems risky, difficult, even scary when presented for peer feedback. But our love for Papa won’t let us back down.

Stepping into obedience with a single-minded focus takes courage. There’s no back door; no turning back. Even when good excuses come to mind, commitment propels us forward. “No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of God.”

Although we are never alone in the family of God, we may be faced with the occurrence of standing alone when all other voices aren’t in agreement. It’s an opportunity to see what’s in our hearts, understand what Papa God wants to change, make certain our love is turned on to its fullest measure and walk through a season of life that will require time to vindicate our walk.

We live in a day when living for the Kingdom and worshiping the Father in Spirit and in truth will cost us everything. Are we ready?

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