The Kingdom of Heaven is Like . . .

The Kingdom of Heaven is like . . . It’s a phrase that deserves scrutiny and wonder.

In Matthew 20, Jesus reveals the goodness and generosity of Papa God’s kindness. He also exposes the nature of the human condition.

As a grandfather, it’s a challenge to watch the children focus on the blessings we give the other kids while they are with us individually. I’m sure the boastful chatter when they return home doesn’t help. But the point is they can come to us with expectations of fairness that limits our purpose to give them blessings uniquely suited for them. Envy centers the focus on getting rather than receiving.

The amazingness of our Father King is evident in his desire to craft every life with matchless purpose, gifting, opportunities, resources, prophetic words and . . . restraints.

David (2 Sam 7) had a good life. He was called from pasturing sheep to lead a nation. He understood who accomplished that and wanted to leave a monument to declare his appreciation. But David didn’t get to do what he wanted. He would finish his life according to the divine purpose and limitations accorded him by God. But he celebrated what God said he would do through those called for that purpose. It’s the nature of the Kingdom of Heaven.

As it is said in the UK, we get to do our bit. Whatever the incomparable journey in discovering what that bit might be it is unique.

Celebrating the blessings and callings of others is a heavenly perspective. Encouraging people along their journey and celebrating what Papa is doing in them is also a heaven-intended perspective. As we see the treasure that is our life, may we see the treasure in others.

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