A Convergence

Matthew 26 is a showcase of humanity and God reaching convergence. We see the conspiracy of the priests and religious leaders come to fruition in their determination to capture and kill Jesus; the decision is made.

A grateful woman acts in extravagant worship with her alabaster flask of fragrant oil being poured on Jesus’ head, and the indignant response to it as an offensive waste.

Judas makes the unfathomable choice to betray Jesus for money.

Jesus expresses his deep longing for the ratification of the new covenant of forgiven sin through his body and his blood.

Peter’s zeal to be counted among the faithful is nullified by Jesus’ prediction of failure.

Jesus agonizes over the grievous suffering he must endure for the redemption of humanity.

We see in the disciples the human tendency to not apprehend all that Jesus is doing.

And ultimately, Jesus goes willingly, as a lamb to the slaughter, into the hands of those who will put him to death.

Jesus’ law of love, religion’s love of law and the pride of man is being thrown together into history’s most profound crucible.

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