A Divine Dichotomy

A dichotomy is a separation of one idea into two mutually exclusive sub-ideas. Philippians 2:12-13 has a divine dichotomy. Verse 12 says to work out our salvation with fear and trembling while verse 13 says God is at work in us to energize us with passion to will and to do what pleases him.

The Wuest Expanded Translation pulls out of the Greek all the facets of this gem.
“. . . carry to its ultimate conclusion [likeness to the Lord Jesus] your own salvation with a wholesome, serious caution and trembling, for God is the One who is constantly putting forth His energy in you, both in the form of your being desirous of and of your doing His good pleasure.” The Amplified Version builds it even further and is worth taking a look at if you so desire. And The Passion Translation says it beautifully.

Our walk with Jesus is continually intentional; drawing closer to him. His Spirit energizes us with a passion to do what pleases him. The end result is an increasing representation of the Father’s love, modeling the life of Jesus.

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