Redemption’s Treasures, Part One

Jesus used comparison to break down complex pictures into nuggets that could be understood; often in part. That is the nature of biblical simile, metaphor and allegory. Matthew 13:44-46 is an example.

The Godhead saw a hidden treasure in the people of this planet. But the field of earth was in possession of someone else. The Godhead gave the only begotten son to redeem the treasure of humankind from the dirt of sin it was buried in. And in Papa’s eyes, each individual is as valuable as the whole treasure. Not only that, the son paid for the entire planet and started the redemption of everything else in it at the same time (Rom 8).

“Heaven’s kingdom realm can be illustrated like this: A person discovered that there was hidden treasure in a field. Upon finding it, he hid it again. Because of uncovering such treasure, he was overjoyed and sold all that he possessed to buy the entire field just so he could have the treasure.
Heaven’s kingdom realm is also like a jewel merchant in search of rare pearls. When he discovered one very precious and exquisite pearl, he immediately gave up all he had in exchange for it.” (TPT)

In the Old Covenant, Israel was the first instance of God’s treasured possession. In the days of his redemption through the cross, we are his people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, the Children of God; earthen vessels carrying glorious treasure.


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